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If It’s Good for Ducks It’s Good for Dogs



For years we’ve been plagued with oil spills worldwide and every time the poor little birds are covered with a sticky, gooey and deadly layer of ooze.  In the south those of us with pets, constantly fight a flea problem because of our warm climate and long warm seasons.

The last couple of winters have been very mild and that gives those tiny little blood suckers a longer period of time to catch a ride on my little miniature Dachshund, D.J.  Of course he brings them into the house and spreads the joy with Bama the cat.  The effective flea treatments are so expensive and on my limited income I was forced to start looking for alternatives.

Surprisingly the same product used for cleansing oil from our little feathered friends works well in the eradication of fleas.

Bama Big Fat Cat

Yes, Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Just prepare a little water wherever you bathe your pup and scrub him down with Dawn.  I leave the suds on for about five to eight minutes while rubbing it into the coat.  Rinse well with warm water and watch the fleas disappear.  Of course I don’t bathe my cat because I value my life.  But I can purchase the flea treatment for Bama and Dawn D.J.  So far this has worked great this summer.

I hope this helps your flea problem (if you have one).  If you have a tip, please let me know.

Have a happy!!


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