Waste Not Want Not

Discovering ways to re-purpose discards, making items from scratch and being self-sufficient.


Soda Bottle Planters

I can’t tell you how many plastic bottles I alone have either trashed or recycled over the years.  But one thing I learned this spring was not to be so quick to discard them.  Now I find myself looking at the bottles in an entirely different way.  I was fortunate enough to find a bargain on Diet Pepsi this spring and had about twelve bottles of soda.  Of course it took a while to empty them but during that time I was starting my vegetable garden and took to the Internet to find a cheap way to start seedlings rather than spending money needlessly on something I could only use once.  Low and behold I found that these 2 liter bottles can be used as self-watering planters, mini-greenhouses and the uses seemed to go on and on and on.

Now I find that I can’t throw one away and I have a plastic leaf bag filled to capacity just waiting to become my next gardening project.  I hope some of these ideas inspire you as they did me.

Good Crafting!

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