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Terrific Little “Light Bulb” Vases

Just too cute!!

Once again I am enamored with the genius that thinks up these great uses for spent light bulbs.  I can’t help but wonder what Thomas Edison would think if he could see the entire history of lighting and the culmination of the bulb to wonderfully useful and beautiful items for the home.  This one is no different.  I can’t help but add my own idea when it comes to displaying these little vases.

I garden and have a few flowers blooming almost year around, so having a way to display some in the house using very little space is terrific.  I thought of attaching fishing line to the tops of the bulbs and using small “s” hooks, hanging them from chandeliers, between newels on my banister or even from a towel rack in the bathroom.  With these little vases you can have a posy almost anywhere in or out of the house.

I’m not including how to prepare the bulb here but instructions are available in the video in the “Light Bulb Oil Lamp” post.  If you missed it, just go to that post and click on the link.

Have fun and remember to send your ideas and comments!