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Great Ideas for Canning Jars

pie in jars

Pie in jars!

Click the following link and visit the boastfulbaker.com for a great idea using canning jars for pie, etc. I think you’ll like it and I wanted to share my find.  Sometimes Sunday afternoon is for searching out great ideas and good eating!

Late winter and early spring showers..

Junk Mail, Magazines and Catalogs Make a Come

Got time and magazines on your hands? Check this out. You won’t believe what you can do with old junk mail, magazines and catalogs.

Abstract Octopus

I made this tutorial several years ago. Since then, I’ve seen my tutorial all over the internet, including Apartment Therapy.I’ve decided to share it again here.

I hoard magazines. I cannot bear to throw them away even if I know I will never take the time to look at them again. Here’s a way to use those magazines I feel too guilty to throw away and create a colorful recycled magazine box for your home.

These are the (much pricier) inspiration:

(Tutorial after the jump)

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Plastic Grocery Bag Dispenser

You are going to love this idea if you are dealing with bag storage.  Also, this is a great idea for the diaper bag for disposal of soiled diapers, for picnic trash or just to take on camping trips, beach outings or just in the kitchen.  Thanks to tatertotsandjello for this idea!

Plastic Grocery Bag Dispenser




Mountain Dew Glow Stick

How about this trick?  For camping or late nights at the beach? Leave 1/4 of Mountain dew in bottle (just don’t drink it all), add a tiny bit of baking soda, a few drops of dish washing liquid and  3 caps of peroxide. Put the lid on and shake – BADDA BING!

There is another recipe for this concoction on the Internet that does not include the dish washing liquid. It will not glow!  As usual I want to try to get it right the first time so you’ll find a video below that shows you exactly which recipe to use and how to concoct it.

Because I haven’t actually tried this I’m not sure how long the glow will last or if you need to keep shaking it to keep it glowing.  But if nothing else it would make a pretty cool kids project (with supervision of course).  Maybe even a science project.

Thank you for the video, by Anne Helmenstine

FISH IN A BULB (Where do your fish live?)

Fish Bowl

I’ll bet they don’t live in a light bulb.  These certainly do and they seem pretty happy about it.  This would be a great idea for Bettas better knows as Siamese Fighting Fish.  Bettas do not get along with others very well and unless they are looking for a mate they don’t even like each other.  Because these fish get their air by swimming to the top of the water to get little snippets of air, this would be a perfect home for them.

As a note, be very careful to wash the inside of the bulb with extreme care as any frosting, glass or other tiny matter left in the bulb could essentially be a death sentence for your fish.

I would love to see your mini-aquariums so please send pictures and other ideas.

Terrific Little “Light Bulb” Vases

Just too cute!!

Once again I am enamored with the genius that thinks up these great uses for spent light bulbs.  I can’t help but wonder what Thomas Edison would think if he could see the entire history of lighting and the culmination of the bulb to wonderfully useful and beautiful items for the home.  This one is no different.  I can’t help but add my own idea when it comes to displaying these little vases.

I garden and have a few flowers blooming almost year around, so having a way to display some in the house using very little space is terrific.  I thought of attaching fishing line to the tops of the bulbs and using small “s” hooks, hanging them from chandeliers, between newels on my banister or even from a towel rack in the bathroom.  With these little vases you can have a posy almost anywhere in or out of the house.

I’m not including how to prepare the bulb here but instructions are available in the video in the “Light Bulb Oil Lamp” post.  If you missed it, just go to that post and click on the link.

Have fun and remember to send your ideas and comments!

Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Now this is really a neat project.  Because it is an open flame, I suggest that you use these outside or purchase a glass chimney that will fit over the finished lamp.  These little delights (no pun intended) could be used on your picnic table or as ambient lighting.

Below is a video that is very informative for making your little lamps and I found that the instructor left out at least two important items you should use when making your lamp.  Gloves and safety glasses are a must when working with glass, especially with the thin glass of which light bulbs are made.

Enjoy and send your comments about this great little project!


Light Bulb Terrarium


The following video will take you step by step in building an open terrarium from a light bulb.  These tiny gardens are a delight and I intend to make a few for myself.   Dollar store light bulbs are very inexpensive if you don’t have any used, burned out bulbs around the house.  I haven’t thought about saving light bulbs for about twenty years.  It’s been that long ago since my Mom had everybody in the family saving bulbs for her Christmas wreath made from light bulbs spayed gold.  Maybe I’ll add that to this category later.

Have fun and if you have a picture, please send it and any tips or ideas!!

Thanks to “Etsy How” for the video link!